The Floating Classroom Program
(for Grades 4-12)

The R. V. Karma is a fully equipped, 57-foot teaching and research vessel. On deck the students can use otter trawls, plankton nets, water samplers and test kits, bottom corers and video-enhanced microscopes to investigate topics such as marine biology, ecology, fisheries and environmental impact.


The Floating Classroom Program is a unique coastal studies adventure. It is operated by the Texas Marine Advisory Service (MAS), the joint outreach program of the Texas Sea Grant College Program and the Texas Cooperative Extension Service, both components of The Texas A&M University System.

At the Floating Classroom, our mission is to encourage a keen interest and enthusiasm - not just in science and technology but in our planet's environment - in people of all ages. We feel it is particularly important to nurture an understanding and appreciation of our Gulf Coast resources and enterprises in those young people who will soon be tomorrow's leaders. We invite you and your students to join us in this exciting education adventure.


Contact Information

For more information about this program, to make reservations, please contact us at:

Floating Classroom Program
PO Box 18
Matagorda, TX 77457

Telephone: (979) 863-2940 Fax: (979) 863-2598
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