Scientific Name: (Lamium amplexicaule)
Definition: Henbit, or Henpeck, is a member of the Mint Family (Lamiaceae). Though a very pretty flower, it is more often considered a bothersome weed. Henbit is native to Europe and has established itself all over North America, Sometimes it is called "dead nettle". Henbit grows either sprawling or upright to 18". Flowers are small, less than an inch long, purple and pale lavender with darker markings. petals are hairy, 2 lipped with the upper lip upright and cupped. the lower lip is 3 lobed with the middle lobe notched deeply at tip. Usually 6 - 10 flowers grow in whorled clusters around stem. Grows in almost all soils, gardens, lawns any cultivated or disturbed area. Grows throughout Texas. Blooms throughout the year.